April 6, 2012 11:29

Scarface O.G.

Say hello to our little friend. A 100-percent indica from The Closet Collective in Riverside, Scarface OG may have derived its name from coming on all sweet and charming right up until it whacks you with the force of a modified M16. The “sweet,” of course, stems from its sugary-sweet aftertaste, while the “charming” comes from it being a very pretty variety to behold—frosted verdant like a snow-capped forest and threaded through with golden tendrils. The “modified M16” part is explained about 10 seconds after you smoke it. Cannabis lovers are a generally peaceable lot, so we’ll drop the assault rifle comparison and just call the buzz for what it is: mind-blowing. The potency can be explained by the strain’s 24.1-percent THC count, but Scarface OG’s best quality—a sensation of utter tranquility—can only be attributed to inspired cultivation. This is high-intensity medicine, deeply felt and super-long-lasting, like a strong edible in smoking form. As such, it’s great for patients with serious or seriously painful illnesses, like MS, cancer, fibromyalgia or HIV/AIDS.
July 1, 2015 - 03:14
Available at various collectives throughout California.The Bay Area’s Bloom Farms™ continues to make a splash with their gorgeous, elegant HIGHLIGHTER™ vape pen and cartridges. They come in...