Feb. 2, 2012 03:20

The Hot Pot Handbook

The Hot Pot Handbook

By O B Gold

E.L. Simon and Sons


Cannabis advocate/writer O B Gold probably does the best job in summing up the benefits of practicing what he preaches, otherwise known as following the tenets of his latest book The Hot Pot Handbook: “The result is that you will get higher, be healthier and you will save tons of money.” Now what’s not to like about that? In all seriousness, Gold’s pocket-sized, 89-page magnum opus is exactly what it sets out to be: a handbook for marijuana. With brevity, wit and an eye on pragmatism as well as the sanctity of cannabis, Gold clearly spells out the pros and cons of joints vs. bubblers vs. water pipes vs. vaporizers; the nuances of inhaling; and something he calls “marijuana math” (sorry, no spoilers here) to save money. Learn the secrets of “herb fasting,” pick up tips in the “Marijuana and Travel” section and digest the intricacies of the O B Smart System (less is more) to properly enjoy God’s green goodness. Marijuana 101, here’s your textbook. (Matt Tapia)

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