Feb. 2, 2012 02:47


Creating genetics is a science, and science can be boring. Cross after cross can fail before you ever get the results of great, stable plant lines. The folks over at Green Depot in Denver have that sort of patience judging by their SR-71 strain. While you were busy playing with your Bunsen burner, this dispensary was busy developing its own proprietary genetics, crossed a whopping 71 times. What you’d expect to look like a Franken-monster is instead a lovely, understated set of buds. A subtle pepper spice catches the tip of the nose, with a funky sweetness that seems comparable to Kush strains. The trichome structure was impressive for the trim, with few broken heads and a decent mix of amber. While the smoke was slightly harsh from a few underdeveloped seeds, fresh citrus and pine flavors were noticeable. SR-71 kind of feels like you’ve joined a band, as it’s a highly sociable buzz that can leave you talking louder than usual. You’ll love this strain if you’re looking for a mood elevator early in the morning, kind of like a cup of coffee but without the cream and sweetener.

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