Dec. 23, 2011 11:27

Cherry Smash

My Cherry, Amour. Green Tiger Collective in Novato carries the adorable Cherry Smash, a purported mix of Cherry Pez and Sour Diesel. Cherry Pez is a rarity in and of itself, while Sour Diesel is the East Coast's sister to OG Kush. What's for sure: this beautiful red, green and purple nug is large and dense, with lots of long brown hairs. An expert manicurist trimmed it tight to reveal copious, cannabinoid glands. Under a scope, forests of trichomes appear full and clear, signaling maximum potency. Cherry Smash's aroma is grape-sweet and almost like Candy Jack, but the Diesel comes through on the grind, along with a cinnamon-like spice. The grape fruitiness still carries, though. Cherry Smash hits smooth and burns to white ash, signaling good flushing for this obvious indoor product. A potent hybrid, Cherry Smash finds fans among those dealing with anxiety and undergoing addiction therapy. It's love at first sight.

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