Dec. 1, 2011 05:20

Fire OG

True to its name, Fire OG buds are blazed throughout with flame-red hairs—it’s as if this premium organic from Premium Organic Treatments in Anaheim was kissed by the sun. The 80-percent-indica hybrid has other qualities that make you think of heat—its frosty coating of trichomes resembles a soft blanket of white ash after a fire, and its sharp, spicy flavor contains notes of fine hot curry. When you burn it, the bouquet is reminiscent of pine wood blazing on a hot campfire. And, of course, it’s hot in that word-of-mouth has made it a highly popular strain—cannabis aficionados just can’t get enough of it. Fire OG’s reputation as a top-tier strain isn’t all about its appearance. To smoke this baby is to set off a firestorm of sensation that begins with a tingling numbness about the head and shoulders that quickly gives way to a full-on, couch-lock stone. We’ve seen reports clocking the length of the buzz somewhere between 2 to 3 hours, but we suggest you prepare to be annihilated for an entire day or an entire night, depending on when you use it. Fire OG’s heavy, long-lasting high makes it the right remedy for deep-seated pain, such as that from HIV/AIDS, chemo-related nausea and severe neuropathy.

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