July 3, 2014 11:55

DeathSquad's Brian Redban Is The Future of Funny

Stand-up comic Brian Redban deserves his own Comedy Award. He is founder of the DeathSquad podcast network, and lately has been a very busy man. Redban is the producer and co-host of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. He is the co-host of the Kill Tony show with Tony Hinchchiffe which is recorded live at the Comedy Store in Hollywood. He also produces the Dysentery and Thunderpussy podcasts under the DeathSquad network—the list goes on and on. We were able to track down Redban in his busy schedule and had the opportunity to pick the man's brain.

With all these new comics starting podcasts, what is your advice to them?

It's too late, give up and find something else to do. The world doesn't need another podcast of comics talking to comics about comedy. If you have a unique approach to it, shoot yourself. That's what I want to tell people, because I think the market is flooded. I'm personally looking in to the other podcast categories now to amuse myself. I want to start a "Dr. Brian" podcast where I give out medical advice even though I'm not a doctor.

Other than podcasts, what do you think the next platform or voice for comics will be?

The next big thing is live video, your own tv show. Deathsquad is a unique podcast network because it has always been a video podcast. I live mix four cameras every show, along with the audio. Apple TV is real. NBC, ABC, CBS; they are all going to be only an App in the future . . . but so is every comedian. You download what channels you want. Pay any fees or membership to that channel and you have your new TV.

Who is on your comic Mount Rushmore top 4?

My taste for comedians often changes with their material, but the comics that really influenced my own comedy and style are Steve Martin, Doug Stanhope, Dave Attel, and of course my sensei Joe Rogan.

You're Bringing the Deathsquad show down here to San Diego this July. Anything you wanna say about that show at American Comedy Co.?

Every year we bring Deathsquad down to San Diego, its always been a party. This year is insane because we are doing two live podcasts on July 2. Kill Tony, which is like an American Idol for young comics and Thunderpussy, which is comedians getting thrown topics from the audience and the comedian has to make comedy about that topic, using no material. Its great because you are seeing a unique comedy show. The comedian often gets new ideas for jokes, sometimes writing them on stage.

Then, the following day July 24, we are doing a comedy show with a bunch of comedians. There are always surprises. In the past we have had Joe Rogan, Jim Norton, Doug Benson and this year will be no different. A night of comedy from all the favorite comedians that you listen to from all the Deathsquad podcasts and shows.

Anything else you want to say to CULTURE readers?

Check out my own podcast "Dysentery," me and a female comic sexually harass a different female guest every week while getting black out drunk. It's become one the highest rated shows on Deathsquad, and its just completely childish sexually perversions taken to the most ridiculous levels.

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