June 5, 2014 10:54

Korova White Cheddar

Available at various collectives throughout the Bay Area.

Feisty. Festive. Potent. Pool-party-ready. One of the most loved and respected names in Bay Area edibles veers from its line of mega-dose brownies and cookies into something much more light: white cheddar popcorn. Each zip-locked, foil pouch contains 300mg of THC and 3.6mg CBD, equivalent, they say, to six doses of medical cannabis. Another way to think of it is imagine eating six grams of dried cannabis—that’s almost a quarter-ounce! The popcorn is white and seductively fresh, and powdered with a mild/sweet cheddar that gives off a must-have aroma. It tasted just like the non-medical snack with only a hint of herb that an avant garde chef could easily have added. Patients report that a serving can relieve the aches and tension of recreational sports. 

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