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A Dabber’s Dictionary

Dabs. Earwax. Shatter. No, these aren’t the names of new G.I. Joe characters. These are all different names for concentrates, or hash or hashish. It used to be that hash was hash. A brownish blob of concentrated cannabis was just about all that you could find in any dispensary. That has changed. There has been a bit of an explosion in amount of people using and making hash oil. And there are different types of methods, and all kinds of new names, and more gear, and it goes on and on and on.

To help you out, we have compiled a short yet sweet glossary of most of the words people use when talking about concentrates.



4:20 for hash oil aficionados. 7:10 is “oil” upside down and backwards. Upside down and backwards is usually what happens to someone when they smoke a lot of hash oil. Some people like to combine 7:10 and 4:20 by smoking cannabis and hash oil at 11:30.


Contrary to popular belief, BHO does not stand for Barack Hussein Obama. It stands for Butane Hash Oil. BHO is made by filling a large glass tube with plant material and shooting butane gas through the tube. The butane freezes the glands on the cannabis and creates a kind of goo. BHO contains a very high amount of THC compared to regular cannabis or cold water hash. However, it is illegal to make BHO in some MMJ states (California, we’re talking about you!), although it is not illegal to possess. Also, making BHO is more than a little dangerous.

Bubble bags

Gear used to make cold water hash. Usually a set of bags with different-sized screens at the bottom of each bag. Place some cannabis and some extremely cold water in the bags and stir it up a bit. The cold water freezes the THC molecules and they fall off of the buds. Strain the cold water through the bubble bags, and you get cold water hash. This is a very easy (and safe) method for creating concentrates.

Bubble hash

Generally any kind of really good concentrate. So called because it “bubbles” when subjected to flame. Hashish that isn’t composed of pure THC glands may catch fire or even crackle when lit.


A form of hash oil. Called budder because it looks a little like crystallized butter.

Butane hash

Same as BHO.


Carbon Dioxide can also be used to make concentrates similar to BHO.


One way to smoke concentrates is to heat a coal (usually it’s the kind of coal used to light hookahs) and place a dab directly onto it, using a “whip,” or any kind of tube, really, to inhale the smoke.

Cold water hash

A form of hash typically made by using bubble bags, although it is possible to make cold water hash using two mason jars, a strainer and a coffee filter.


Any kind of hashish.


The tool, usually metal, used to scoop a “dab” of concentrate onto on the coal or the nail.

Dab (or Dabs)

A glob of errl. Also known as “dunk.”


The glass sphere that sits around the nail and keeps the smoke from escaping.


A kind of concentrate. It’s called “earwax” because it looks like earwax and some cannabis aficionados love gross names.


What the Tin Man needs. Or hash oil. As in: “Ermagarhd! Errl Dabs!

Full Melt

Very pure concentrate. Called “full melt” because when burned it leaves no residue.


The THC-filled resin glands of the cannabis plant. There are many different ways to make hash. People usually put a modifier in front of the word “hash” to give an indication of what method was used in the making of said hashish: Finger hash, scissor hash, cold water hash, et. cetera.

Honey Oil

Another term for hash oil.


The THC glands of the cannabis plant. Kief is usually made using a dry sifting method. Good for sprinkling on bowls and joints. When kief is compressed and the resin glands pop and coagulate, it’s called hashish.


A water pipe attachment. A nail is usually made out of glass or titanium. The nail is heated until it is red hot, then a dab is placed on the nail and the smoke is inhaled.

Phoenix Tears (a.k.a. Rick Simpson oil)

A cannabis concentrate. Rick Simpson has a very specific method for creating this concoction. You can find it online.


A metal device that enables a water pipe user to smoke hash oil without a nail.


A thin sheet of BHO. Called shatter because it is very brittle.


The metal, flat thingy that goes on your rig or swing. Heat it, dab it . . . yeah.


Attached to your rig or water pipe. Called a swing because you can swivel it.


Short for Butane.


Flame source for heating nails.

Vape pen

A portable vaporizer similar to an e-cigarette. Vape pens usually contain some sort of electronic heating system and a cartridge holding hash oil. Vapor pens are a very unobtrusive and virtually smoke-free way to consume concentrates.


Hash oil that has a waxy consistency.


The tube used to inhale vaporized smoke coming off a nail, etc.

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