April 3, 2013 06:00

3 Times Crazy

3 Times Crazy is not only a rap outfit from Oakland, but Highway 29 Health Care’s unique, knock-out indica hybrid. Mixing up OG Kush, Bubba Kush and GDP, it’s three of the most popular strains in the Bay. These small, football-shaped colas look and smell like a Girl Scout Cookies analog—but with more sweet-grape smell. Long, thick orange calyxes flow from stubby, resinous green and purple leaf. Pale, white and clear trichomes are knotted densely all over the surface. It smells fresh, clean and light, and the Chemdog in the OG is blunted by the Bubba and the GDP. Pepper notes emerge upon grinding—a prelude to the smoke, which is super-indica and hashy; an earthen mule-kick of spice and loam. This strain goes straight to the body, where it’s lights-out for pain and insomnia.

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