Aug. 30, 2012 03:25

Kiva Chocolates

Hanging out on Mt. Olympus among the other edibles gods watching over mankind is Kiva. Insomnia, back pain or jet lag better fear her. Each gourmet Kiva bar (available at Natural Herbal Pain Relief in San Jose) rocks 180 milligrams of THC, enough to floor even chronic marijuana users. This is not a food. Keep away from children. Tested by CW Analytical labs, these bars (we sampled the Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate and Mint Irish Cream) contains only the best foodie ingredients like pure cane sugar, full cream milk, cocoa butter, cacao beans, vanilla beans and cannabis extract. Perfectly molded and smooth, with a transcendent mint chocolate smell, Kiva tastes rich, and buttery, and not at all like weed. Only a thin, lingering taste of concentrates hints at her power. Start with just a bite. High doses of THC taken orally are used regularly by patients treating serious issues like chemotherapy nausea, chronic neuropathic pain, and symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

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