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Featured Advocate – Lisa Tran

Name:? Lisa Tran Occupation:? Event Planner for Denver NORML since Sept. 2016, Budtender since 2015 When? ?and? ?how? ?did? ?you? ?become? ?an? ?advocate? ?for? ?cannabis? I first got involved with cannabis around the age of 13, when my best friend’s uncle used to smoke on a regular

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Tropidelic Brings New Flavor to the Reggae Music Scene

When it comes to good music for cannabis enthusiasts, reggae and rock go hand in hand. Bands like Sublime and 311 have provided the soundtrack for a lot of good smoke sessions, and it’s no surprise that something so catchy, and often somewhat political, can carry and support the message of the beloved plant. CULTURE spoke to Bobby Chronic, guitarist of the up-and-coming reggae rock sensation Tropidelic, about the group’s career, cannabis

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  • A Breath of Fresh Air

    The most rewarding feeling as a creator is to contribute to an already-existing creation you admire and look up to. In the case of Colorado-based

  • Righteous Reggae

    Ever since he was a teenager in the early 1960s, Jimmy Cliff has been an irreplaceable part of Jamaica’s legendary music community. Rising to

  • Tenacity and Talent

    Photo By Amanda Lopez Catherine “Cat” Harris-White, also known as SassyBlack, is a woman on a mission. She’s out to spread her

  • Radiant Rock

    Sometimes, especially in today’s political climate, it’s necessary just to chill and get down. That’s exactly what Denver’s own Mama Magnolia

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