• Silent No More!!!!

    Cult cannabis duo Jay & Silent Bob ready to battle it out in Boulder! In the pantheon of great stoner duos, Jay & Silent Bob are second only to Cheech & Chong. The character of Jay,

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  • Why Stop Now?

    An MMJ patient from Olympia has filed a lawsuit to halt I-502   Last November, Washington sent a clear message to the world with the passage of Initiative 502, the measure to regulate the use,

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  • Testing the Waters

    Three new dispensaries are in store for Kalamazoo . . . sometime soon?   Nov. 6, 2012 may be remembered as a watershed moment in U.S. history. Two states voted for recreational use, and five

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  • Emotional Response

    Medical Study Indicates Cannabis May Treat Bipolar Disorder   Bipolar (also known as manic-depressive) disorder is a psychological condition that affects 4 percent of the population in America

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  • Ring Leader

    A kinder, gentler Mike Tyson turns his storied life into a one-man show   There are two types of performers that a smart ass is better off not heckling: comedians and ear-biting boxing champs.

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  • Truly Compassionate

    Activist Audrey Hatfield marches on to help the neediest patients   Today’s activists may spend most of their day online, writing emails and forwarding petitions to legions of followers,

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Savoring the Season of Spring: Recipes by Laurie Wolf

Images by Bruce Wolf April is a lovely time of year for eating seasonally. Asparagus, peas, baby arugula and wonderful wild salmon—no heavy sauces required.  Let’s let the freshness and flavor of these natural ingredients shine through this spring. We suggest a teaspoon of canna-butter or