• Canna Butternut Squash Ravioli

    Makes about 40 raviolis.   Fresh Pasta Dough Squash Filling Brown Canna Butter Sauce   First, prepare the Fresh Pasta Dough and Squash Filling. Next, place teaspoon-sized mounds of

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  • Liner Notes

    Coachella: the festival so expensive, hot and unpleasant has doubled its size this year. The largest concert event in the Inland Empire decided to augment attendance figures and water bottle sales

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  • ThermoVape

    It’s simple to use, durable and delivers smoke-free, flawless vapor every time—that’s all we really want from our medicating accessories, right? And the innovative, combustion-free ThermoVape

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  • Dime Bags

    Style and eco-consciousness go hand in hand with Dime Bags, a line of durable hand-stitched washable bags that come in Pouch, Tube and Lifestyle models. Made of hemp and a hemp-polyester blend for

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  • Apogee Jam

    This nifty iPhone/iPad accessory (which requires the GarageBand app) allows a passionate guitarist to plug in and play without the hassle of heavy gear. It’s the quintessential compact amplifier

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  • Chambers by RZA Headphones

    From the company that bought you all things skate and from the Grammy-award winning producer, MC, author—nothing short of an icon—come these sweet headphones. WeSC and RZA’s Chambers series

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Strain, Edible & Concentrate
International 420 Party Cuisine

This 420, we want to party hard—and we deserve it. It’s been a rough year so far, but one of the best things about our society is the amazing diversity and melting pot of people and cultures all around us. International canna-cuisine is rising in popularity, as is the high-end culinary delights