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Featured Advocate – Lisa Tran

Name: Lisa Tran Occupation: Event Planner for Denver NORML since Sept. 2016, Budtender since 2015 When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis? I first got involved with cannabis around the age of 13, when my best friend’s uncle used to smoke on a regular basis in the garage.

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In the world of cannabis, jazz may not be the first thing that immediately comes to mind. But why not? After all, jazz and cannabis commonly went hand-in-hand in the heyday of the genre. La Pompe Jazz is a band that is well aware of the historical roots of cannabis, and band members celebrate that fact every chance they get, by covering cannabis classics and other songs that celebrate the plant. Playing a classic, fun and funky style of jazz

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    Race the Tide, also known as Jesse Macht, realizes that good music is all about an intimate, shared experience. Rather than hiding behind a stage and

  • The Funky Flow of Flow Tribe

    What loves cannabis, has trumpet and layered instrumentation and brings plenty of flow? Flow Tribe out of New Orleans is known for keeping the

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