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Advocate Highlight
Morgan Iwerson

Name: Morgan Iwersen Occupation: Owner/CEO, Canyon Cultivation When and how did you become an advocate for cannabis? I have been an advocate for cannabis for as long as I can remember. I grew up in Boulder, the product of ’60s parents, who both utilized cannabis for medical purposes,

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Profiles in Courage
Emalee Hyde

Patient name: Emalee Hyde Age: 25 Condition/Illness: Jaw bone arthritis, severe allergies Using Medical Cannabis since: Age 21 Why did

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Arts & Entertainment
Better Beats

Even if you’ve never heard of Kjell Nelson, if you listen to music from the PNW, you’ve probably heard him. The prolific Seattle producer has lent his talents to a number of up and coming Seattle acts. When Nelson’s not producing for his group the Hightek Lowlives, he’s helping make beats for a variety of artists for local label Cabin Games. The sounds of Nelson’s beats and production reflect the diversity of the artists he works

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